Reconnecting Renewable Energy

Our cloud platform enables all actors in the energy value chain to track and trace renewable energy, solve unnecessary administrative burdens and be in control

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What the Reconnect platform
can do for you


Insight in monthly generation and easy market access

  • Monthly production report
  • Production forecasting
  • Access to traders/buyers
  • Supply marketing material
  • Flex or fixed contracts


Less adminstration and increased control

  • Contract management
  • Automated asset billing
  • Production forecasting
  • Portfolio management
  • Market interfaces

Energy suppliers

High value propositions with low cost to serve

  • Connect assets to consumer
  • Be in control of portfolio
  • Back-to-Back sourcing
  • Monthly balancing and insights


Reduce CO2-emissions and be compliant

  • Undisputed renewable power sourcing
  • Sustainability and compliancy reporting
  • Cancellation of consumption in national registries
  • Marketing material for stakeholders

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Reconnect helps me to be in control and have insight in the added financial value of my solar panels.

Landbouwbedrijf Van Geel V.O.F.
Producer — 800 Solar panels


Billing & Metering

Automated self-biling assets

Simply add contract details for assets and RECONNECT will automatically generate invoices for them

Monthly, quarterly, yearly plans

Choose to pay out producers every month, quarter or year based on actual production measured

Consolidated billing

Group assets into invoicing groups to create consolidated invoices

Pay out certificates or measure data

Pay out producers based on the certificates they produced or metering data

Automated certificate tracking

Certificates are retrieved automatically from issuing body systems so you don’t have to

Metering interfaces

Metering data from assets can be fed directly into the system using our API's

Asset forecasting

Future asset forecasting

Based on historic production data of similar production sites a accurate forecast can be generated for sites not yet in production

Asset forecasting

Based on historic production data of individual sites based on (measure data or certificates) individual assets are forecasted

Gross and nett production

Based on load profiles and yearly volumes a assets production capacity is split into re-delivered volumes and consumption volumes

Virtual certificates

Based on the forecasted production virtual (future) certificates are generated

Automated corrections

Virtual certificates are automatically corrected based on actual data coming in

Portfolio Management

Production asset database

Keep overview of your assets and gain insight in their performance

Link assets to end-users

Connect assets to end-users in a transparent and efficient manner

Inventory control

Be in control of supply and demand and create monthly, quarterly and yearly balances

Customer relations management

Add customers to the platform and receive overviews, insights and status updates on energy generation and/or usage


Compile monthly, quarterly and yearly reports on portfolio supply, customer demand, certificate flows and more

Financial value +

Add value to transactions with key insights and additional customers services



Receive proof of renewable power usage on a presentabele certificate

Sustainability Reporting

Generate reports as input for annual sustainability reports addressed to your stakeholders


Receive reports on when, where and with which technology renewable power was generated


Generate compliant reports for standards and certificates schemes (ISO, GHG-protocol,CO2-performance ladder)

Inventory Balancing

Manage supply and demand with actionable insights & reports

Enhanced invoices

Feed attachments or data objects to ERP systems to enhance your invoices using our API’s with valuable info

About us


To support renewable energy producers and end-users in their contribution to stop climate change, by accounting for every renewable energy stream with corresponding carbon performance claim in Europe.


Building an automated platform for producers, energy suppliers, intermediaries and energy consumers in Europe, enabling them to make the value chain of renewable energy traceable, reliable, transparent and cost efficient


Jasper Nillesen

Commercial Director

Freek Smelt

Managing Director

Erik van Boekel

Technology Director

Jefta van Hees

Business developer

Jeroen van de Brink


Martijn Barnas


Vladislav Sitnikov

IT Backend Manager

Ekaterina Goncharova

IT Backend Developer

Andrey Erunov

IT Backend Developer

Yuriy Balaka

UX/UI Designer

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