Increase the revenues of your solar panels

Do you deliver power generated by solar panels to the grid? Then in addition to the refund you receive from your energy supplier and SDE subsidy, you are entitled to Guarantees of Origin. Reconnect ensures that for your energy these Guarantees of Origin are created and offers you a refund.

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You have invested in solar panels: this makes you a renewable energy producer.

For each MWh renewable power you produce, electronic energy certificates can by created by CertiQ.

These certificates, also known as Guarantees of Origin (GOs), contain data regarding where, when and with which technology the power was generated.

These GOs are used by companies further down the energy value chain to provide proof of their renewable power consumption.

These companies pay for extra these certificates, and we believe that you, as a renewable energy producer, should receive compensation for these certificates.

The process

You sign up for Reconnect and we will assess your situation, using data we collect from your energy supplier and grid operator
Reconnect generates a customized offer specified to what you can earn for your feed-in to the grid, regardless of your energy supplier contract
You agree and receive a refund for the feed-in volume. This transactions can be done monthly or on balance. The invoice is prepared by Reconnect for you
In addition Reconnect covers administrative proceedings and provides relevant insights in your power generation, feed-in and GO balances in the Reconnect app

Guarantees of Origin

For each MWh renewable power generated a certificate is created, for your own consumption and the amount redelivered to the grid.

CertiQ receives data from your grid operator and releases certificates for your own consumption and redelivery. The certificates generated for redelivery can be traded and are used by companies to provide evidence of renewable power consumption.

Perhaps you don't have a CertiQ account, you've never heard of GOs and/or you have no insight in where your GOs go.

Reconnect rewards you with a compensation for each trade-able GO and can help you gain insight and understanding in your power production and redelivery with insightful invoices and production reports, providing additional services whenever needed.

Additional financial value for your solar panels!

If you're interested in receiving a refund for your Guarantees of Origin, sign up for Reconnect! We will get in touch as soon as possible.